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Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC CMgr=Chartered Manager; FMCI=Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute; FIC=Fellow of the Institute of Consulting


I have been working intensively as a manager and management consultant to assess and run complex operations across the world, specialising in brocess improvement and whole-organisational assessment and redesign.

I have a wealth of experience as a manager and consultant on operational planning and budgeting in addition to Management Consulting and working for with and for over 100 organisations.

I pick up and understand business requirements quickly and enjoy helping people solve problems quickly, saving them both time and money.

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Previous Management Consultancy Work:

  1. Recommended ways to improve the Cambodian election and national Identity Card systems through a comprehensive review, report and presentation.
  2. Engagement with and observation of customers in their homes, call centre staff and support website pages to generate over 400 wide ranging recommendations for business improvement.
  3. Reviewed with recommendations the procedures, operations, staffing, communication, legal options and infrastructure of the Kosovo Election Commission. Held stakeholder meetings with commissioners, US embassy staff and a government minister.
  4. Analysis and assessment of the Nepal voter registration process, leading to the creation of recommendations and operational plans for a new nationwide civil registration system with national identity cards and automated voter list.
  5. Building of operational budgets of $159 million and $92 million for election management plus the creation of a generic template for future budgets.
  6. Excel consultant/Data analyst to 750 clients across multiple industries. Clients include Chelsea Football Club, Heineken Group and Schlumberger.
  7. Designed, produced and presented a four day workshop on budgeting to senior managers of the Iraq Election Commission.
  8. Analysis of financial data to create summaries and reports for accountants, operational managers and stockbrokers.
  9. Creation automated management system to analyse time lost from production line breakdowns.
  10. Creation of management information data analysis system for analysis and presentation of fitness and injury data for Premiership football clubs.
  11. Calculation of election results for Kosovo and Afghanistan. Worksheets later used for printing and distribution the results to the worlds media.
  12. Creation of reporting tools that compile into central data analysis tool eg gathering data from workers in the field and compiling the data into one file and analysing it.
  13. Creation of timelines for complex operations, such as planning the election operations for refugees living in 14 countries..
  14. Analysis of prices and quotes from suppliers to work out which is the best value.
  15. Analysis of reports and graphs from large data sets.
  16. Calculators for quantities of materials eg what should the distribution of election material be for the whole of Afghanistan.
  17. Reporting and presenting statistics for the world media.
  18. Creation of a spreadsheet for printing cheques and envelopes for paying $2.25 million to 12,000 staff.


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Institute of Consulting IC Fellow of the Institute of Consulting

Certified Management Consultant CMC
Certified Management Consultant

chartered manager Chartered Manager
experienced fsb member management consultancy membership
PRINCE2 & MSP Practitioner, Project Management
chartered management institute cmi Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute
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All management consultants services provided as part of general business consultancy,
based in Sheffield, Yorkshire; working across the UK and internationally.
Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Chesterfield and the Sheffield City Region

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